Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy. These are the people who have the skills and initiative necessary to take great new ideas to market and make the right decisions to make the idea profitable. The reward for the risks taken is the potential economic profits the entrepreneur could earn!

What Merrill Bonding Company can offer Independent Bondsmen:


For many of us, the idea of having a job that is truly satisfying – the kind where work doesn’t feel like work anymore, is pure fantasy.  The greater the match between you preferences and job requirements, the more satisfaction you’ll have!


We all thrive on interesting challenges! Different things challenge different people at different times. In the Bonding industry things are always exciting!


There is no routine in this business; every day brings new fulfilling work.

Positive Attitude

At Merrill Bonding Company positive attitude is our goal. We are a team and value each team member!


YOU are your own boss, so your options are always open as to who and what bonds you, as an independent bondsman, will write.