Rick Doherty

Rick is the Managing General Agent at Merrill Bonding Company. He has been a part of the Merrill Bonding Company team for 17 years and an established bondsman for 27 years! He owns and operates Doherty Bail Bonds in Adair County as well.  Rick works with Merrill bonding agents out in the field on a day-to-day operation, and assists them with any needs they may have.  He is passionate about his work and prides himself on his trustworthy approach to the challenges in the bonding industry.


Debra McWaters

Debra has been a part of the Merrill Bonding Company for 11 years!  She is the Office Manager and oversees the day-to-day operation that goes on inside the office with monthly reports to the Oklahoma Insurance Department. She fields calls from Merrill Bonding agents and answers any reports/questions they may have. Debra enjoys the close working relationship with each Merrill agent especially interacting with them face to face!


Katey Hogue

Katey is the newest member to the Merrill Bonding Company team, and has worked for the company for 3 years! Her jobs expectations involve general secretary duties, data entry of monthly reports, and marketing. Katey is always very excited to help in anyway possible!

Matt Merrill

Matt has been a bondsman and a part of Merrill Bonding Company for 8 years! He would be more than happy to help you today!